March 16 to 18, 2023

Hardclub Porto


Bringing the first ETH event to the beautiful city of Porto

50€ earlybird for the first 100

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Fiat, ETH or DAI

The Hackathon

  • 48-hour Hackathon
  • Become part of the team to work on a blockchain solution
  • Win prizes and sponsor bounties
  • Learn new skills, and help push the limits of new technologies
  • Dedicated workshops and mentors to help your team
  • Access all ETHPorto events, talks, food and drinks
  • It’s free! You just need to apply
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The Conference

2-days Conference to demystify and hear about tangible use-cases in the fields of Agriculture and Fishery, Public Goods and Governance, Decentralized Science and many more.

If you are working on something tangible that offers inspiration and vision of what our shared future can look like, we’d love to hear from you!

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The conference of ETHPorto

The venue


This is a perfect place to host the first ETHPorto!

Located in the heart of the city with plenty of public transportation, hotels, restaurants, entertainment and a beautiful glimpse at the river, Hardclub offers the creative space for discussion, learning and hacking.No need to walk around to different places as everything will happen here! Stay tuned for a surprise venue :)

The venue of ETHPorto

Get involved

Apply to speak

We want the community to have a voice on stage. If you have a solid use case to talk about the main topics of ETHPorto, please apply, and we will get back to you.

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Applications open until 5th February

Become a volunteer

ETHPorto is made out of many pieces to a puzzle. Being a volunteer is an important piece in helping us stacking them perfectly on each other.

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Become a sponsor

If you want to become a sponsor or contributor to ETHPorto, drop us an email

[email protected]

Meet the team

We are an informal and passionate group of local folks that wants to help grow the local Ethereum ecosystem.

We believe the potential of Porto and surrounding areas to be the hub for great ideas and the driver for the Ethereum-driven ethos.

  • Sara Amaral


  • Carlos Pereira


  • Henrique Silva


  • Mario Alves


  • Nuno L

    Nuno L

  • Nuno S

    Nuno S

  • Pedro Figueiredo


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